The present Rushmore German Club is a direct successor of the Rushmore International Club founded in 1972 in Rapid City, South Dakota.
It all began as the result of the tragic flash flood that took many lives and destroyed homes and businesses in Rapid City. On June 9-10 1972, Rapid City was hosting the ‘Dakota Days Band Festival’ which featured marching bands from Germany. After the flood swept through Rapid City, the word went out to the local German-American community asking for families to host the displaced German band members.
As life in Rapid City began to return to normal the host families formed a tight bond of friendship and began having a monthly Kaffeesitzung (Coffee Meeting). The group formed the Rushmore International Club which over the years became the Rushmore German Club.
In 1982, The Rushmore German Club began its association with the Central States Fair, and has been a perennial favorite and tradition for thousands of Fair goers.