Herzlich Wilkommen!

Representing citizens from across the Black Hills of South Dakota, we are a civic organization of members with a common interest in our connection to Germany. Some members are German-born or second or third generation German-Americans, some joined the Club because of the time living in Germany during military service, and others simply want to be members just for the heck of it.

Our purpose is to promote a consciousness and common appreciation for the German heritage and culture, to further the social interests of its members and create a strong bond of friendship among members.

During the year, members enjoy a variety of activities sponsored by the Club, and are asked to volunteer their time and talents to host the popular Sommerfest during the Central States Fair.  We host membership picnics in the beautiful Black Hills, an annual Christmas party, wine and beer tasting with local craftsmen, social events, our annual bus trip (to other festivals throughout the Midwest), and from time to time we are asked to participate in cultural exchange programs and events.

Thank you for your interest.
We hope you’ll consider joining us!